MGM Talent Hunt

Want to make short film? But dont have budget, equipments, training?
Dont worry MGM CJMC’s Dept. Of Film Arts will provide you everything. You just need to write a single page concept and send it to us at Our pannel of experst will select 10 best concepts and 5 people per concept. These people will be trained for free by experts in a 10 day full time workshop for free. After training MGM CJMC’s Film Arts Dept. Will provide these teams all required equipments and locations for shoot. Post production facility will also beprovided. All films will be shown in Satyajit Ray Short Film Festival at MGM Campus Aurangabad. Best films, actors, technicians will be awarded at closing ceremony of the festival. MGM will promote best short film in other National and International Film Festivals.

Terms and conditions
1. Director will be considered as team leader. He is suppose to suggest 5 other team members who will do cinematography, editing, sound, etc.
2. Participants are suppose to carry their own pendrives, hard discs
3. Food, Travelling, Stay will not be provided by MGM
4. Jury decisions will be final
5. MGM reservs its right to disqualify any team after observing any misconduct.
6. MGM will be the Producer and owner of the final films and MGM reserves its right to use these films as and when required.
7. Any damage caused by the participant to the premices or equipments will be recovered from the perticular participant.
8. MGM reservs its rights to change the schedule as and when required. Such changes will be convayed to the participants.

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