• Transforming vision into reality
    Learning at MGM introduces our students with a wide range of issues & challenges
    of the real world. We provide experience learning through workshops,
    field visits & courses like photography, NSS programs and social activities.
  • PASSION FOR Learning...
    MGM focuses on both minor and major academic interests
    of the students where students can design their own major
    minor interests which allows them to create a unique career
    which is both flexible and interesting .
  • MAKING MINDS & Career
    MGM journalism gives students the freedom in academics to explore
    various fields before zeroing down in a particular specialization. This
    is a innovative step which unable the students to widen their interest
    in a particular field. Also helps them discover a perfect platform which
    will bring out their hidden talents.
    We have exceptional faculty members who are
    ZZZ excellent teachers but also mentors &
    advisors who guide the curiosity of the students. They are group of scholars and researchers
    with outstanding national & international educational background and experience.
    The constant feedback between faculty and students unable us to maintain a mature learning
    environment .This helps in enhancing personal growth & professional development.
  • Learning with pleasure
    The MGM campus has residential facility
    that nurtures the entire environment with
    care and empathy, this makes students
    sense freedom and responsibility this helps
    maintain an healthy learning atmosphere
    and also lets students with pleasure.