MGM is offering in May and June 2019 a course on “Gandhian Thought”

  • Duration:8 Weeks

MGM is offering in May and June 2019 a course on “Gandhian Thought”, curated by Dr. Mark Lindley but also with a few guest appearances by other eminently well-informed Gandhians. Classes will be for three hours each week for eight weeks – 1:30 hours on Friday 4:30 - 6 p.m. and 1:30 hours on Saturday 10 - 11:30 a.m. – and will be open to the public. The first few classes will be held in the movie theatre of the College of Journalism and Mass Media and will include a viewing of the famous film “Gandhi” with interruptions for explaining differences between what is depicted in the film and what historians say really happened. In subsequent classes, Gandhi’s statements and deeds re: various top¬ics will be analysed in relation to the historical circumstances at the time; there will be some classroom discussion as to whether his views and deeds back then seem today to have been wise; and in cases where the circumstances back then were a lot different from the corresponding circumstances nowadays, there will be discussion of what his views and deeds under our 21st-century conditions might have been (had he been immortal).

This will be a certificate course for up to 20 enrolled students. Secondary-school graduates less than 60 years old who have good understanding of written and spoken English and at least fairly good ability in speaking and writing in English may enrol. The tuition fee is ₹1000. The enrolled student’s course-work (contribution to classroom discussions, aresearch project cum class-presentation, and score on a multiple-choice test, toward the end of the course, to estimate how many basic historical facts about Gandhi that you ought to know you do or don’t know) will be formally evaluated in the academic certificate of participation.

Prof. Dr.Mark Lindley

-Prof. Dr.Mark Lindley, born in Washington DC in 1937, is an internationally noted Gandhi scholar, ecological economist, and historian of Western music.
-He has taught at Columbia University, City University of New York, Washington University, Univer¬sity of Lon¬don, Oxford University, University of Regensburg (in Germany), University of Zaragoza (in Spain), Istanbul Technical University, Boğaziçi University (also in Istanbul), Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Kerala, Central University of Gujarat, Gokhale Insti¬tute, Central University of Hyderabad (where he served in 2015 as the University Chair Professor in the School of Economics) and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marath¬wada University at its main campus as well as at MGM.
He is the author or co-author of seven highly praised books on Gandhi-related topics (see https://uohyd.academia.edu/MarkLindley and https://independent.acad-emia.edu/MarkLindley2); his articles on economics have been pub¬lished in Economic and Political Weekly, Indian Journal of Economics, ArthaVijnana(the journal of the Gokhale Institute) and Journal of Social and Political Studies.