Code Of Conduct

Rules & Regulations

On admission to any course of study, every student submits himself to disciplinary jurisdiction of the management of the institute. The in charge and faculty of the institute may take disciplinary action
1] The students are advised to keep themselves aware of the institute rules. Ignorance of rules shall not excused
2] Each student shall conduct herself / himself, both within and outside the campus of the institute in a manner befitting a student of a prestigious institute, each student shall show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrator, staff of the institute and to the visitors and resident of the institute.
3] Lack of courtesy and decorum, unbecoming conduct within and outside the institute willful damage to institute property, removal of any property belonging to the institute, use of abusive and offensive language is strictly prohibited and liable to be punished by institution
4] Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all academic areas of the campus.
5] Minimum 80% attendance is compulsory to appear ex3aminations. As per the university norms Hall tickets will not be issued if attendance is not maintained .Late arrival at classrooms will be recorded as absence.
6] All students should strictly dress Uniform instructed by the institution.
7] Student will not operate any machinery / equipment without permission of the instructor.
8] It is compulsory for the student to attend all functions / activity organized by the institution on various occasions. Absence from such functions without valid reasons will invite disciplinary action
9] Student must pay their fees / dues on or before the prescribed deadline failing which appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Fees once paid will not be refunded/ adjusted.
10] The Principal reserves the right to modify any of the institution rules as and when necessary. The decision of the Principal in all manners shall be final.
11] Student will strictly not use institutes Name, Logo for any purpose without permission.